Planning and Proposal Capabilities
That Exceed Customer Expectations

  • POINT1

    Because we can help with high-quality manufacturing factories construction as a member of the AJINOMOTO Group

  • POINT2

    Because we are experts thoroughly versed in work on a wide range of food manufacturing factories

  • POINT3

    Because we can respond flexibly to a wide range of needs, from planning to construction and maintenance

Because we can help with high-quality manufacturing factories construction as a member of the AJINOMOTO Group

Four Elements Comprising Food Manufacturing Factories

Skillful combination of these four elements gives rise to high-quality products with high cost-performance.
AJEC is capable of building a food manufacturing factory that can achieve the highest levels of performance thanks to the experience from numerous projects and knowledges only food company affiliates can provide.
During operation, we provide a diverse and comprehensive support to achieve factory management to maintain highest standards.

Hospitality Training

We undergo hospitality training to elevate customer satisfaction, enabling us to serve as the ultimate concierge in offering high-level engineering services to companies involved in manufacturing in the food and life-science fields.
In order to be able to make proposals that best suit our customers, we have every one of our employees participate in this mandatory training, including not just general employees, but our entire workforce from directors to contract workers.

From "Food Safety" to "Food Defense"

  • In Japan, poisoning and other tampering incidents gave led to a situation in which the conventional "food saefty" system based on an assumption of essential good-faith ethics fails to protect against attacks motivated by malicious intent. We believe that the most crucial element is fostering corporate culture, and we cooperate in doing so, from the standpoint of industry hardware as well as the "softer" aspects of management.
    In order to meet these needs, AJEC combines food defense technology with production management support systems to offer proposals in line with the customer's budget.

Design Compliant with General principles of food hygiene

In order to create environments in which HACCP systems (i.e., CCP management) operate effectively, it goes without saying that the general principles of food hygiene that is the foundation of such systems is crucial.
It is also a fact, however, that this foundation grows thin at numerous food manufacturing factories that are hard pressed by the demands of day-to-day management and operation. At AJEC, we apply the knowledge and experience we have gained up to this point to resolve these concerns.

    • After checking cleaning methods and water temperatures, as well as room interior temperatures, etc., we confirm the specifications for floor and wall materials.
    • By installing local exhaust ventilation systems with heating equipment that include moisture exhaust, we can provide environments free of ceiling condensation.
    • We assist with physical hardware-oriented aspects of hygiene education by clearly differentiating manufacturing spaces from dining rooms and break areas.
    • We conduct production factory diagnoses to facilitate improvements in quality (hygiene), environment and compliance.
    • When determining production facility layout, we consider maintenance space in addition to ease of use.
    • The facilities management methods we have cultivated are certain to contribute to your company's stable production.
    • For high-level hygienic areas, we propose facilities based on positive-pressure management and including specialized ventilation ducts and wastewater plumbing.
    • We provide insect control measures for freight entrances and exits (e.g., pallet changers, double doors, dock shelters).
    • We design food defense-oriented systems for water storage facilities with features such as security lights and cameras to monitor water tanks.
    • Measures to prevent contamination of water supplies include lock-secured storage facilities for hygiene-related chemicals and CIP chemical tank rooms.
    • We design and operate wastewater processing facilities that are appropriate for production facility wastewater and water supply quality, as well as effluent standard values and the surrounding environment.
    • In considering the layout of manufacturing rooms and storage facilities, we give thought to the raw material and products and by-products within the factory, as well as the each flows and physical quantities involved.
    • Food defense-oriented proposals are available, including ITV systems and factory entry gate management system.
    • We provide dining and break room environments that help maintain and enhance worker motivation.
    • In planning flows, we take into consideration such items as raw materials, packaging materials and even waste items.
    • We execute thorough countermeasures against the risk of contamination at such vulnerable points as when unfinished products await the next processing step, or while finished products are in refrigeration, etc.
    • By introducing CCP monitoring systems, we can help identify which products are affected and help limit recall volume in the unlikely event that a product recall becomes necessary.
    • By introducing production management systems, we reduce the risk of contamination during interim product retention.
    • We can help customers consider the introduction of contamination inspection equipment that meets their own standards.
    • Automation of the packaging and inspection process helps reduce contamination risk by reducing human involvement.

Because we are experts thoroughly versed in work on a wide range of
food manufacturing factories

At AJEC, all of our engineers engaged in food manufacturing factory design and construction management have in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and production equipment. They comprise an ensemble of experts thoroughly versed in each specialized field, including construction, electrical facilities, instrumentation and maintenance.

  • Architectual

    • 1st-class architect: 20
    • 1st-class civil work management engineers: 15
    • 1st-class building management engineers: 38
  • Mechanical & Electrical

    • Type 1 electricians: 14
    • st-class mechanical and electrical engineers: 4
    • 1st-class electrical work management engineers: 37
    • Chief electrical engineers: 20
    • Energy managers: 26
    • 1st-class plumbing work management engineers: 73
  • Instrumentation

    • Instrumentation engineers (1st-class): 20
  • Maintenance

    • Machinery maintenance engineers (1st-class): 24
    • Planning maintenance engineers: 3
    • Non-destructive inspection technicians: 5
    • Autonomous maintenance engineers (1st-class): 2
  • Other areas

    • Fire defense equipment officer (Classes 1 through 5): 71
    • 1st-class boiler operators: 37
    • Hazardous materials engineers (Class A): 24
    • Prepared food managers: 8
    • Information processing technology engineers (Type 1): 2

(Current as of April 2019)

Broad-ranging Results and Experience Through More Than
400 AJEC Food Manufacturing Industry Projects

Comprehensive Design Taking Customer Product Items as the Point of Departure


From Plant to Prepared Food Factory

Business Categories

Seasonings (powdered), powdered soups, spices, seasonings (fluid), blenders (powdered, fluid), extracts (livestock, seafood), restaurant central kitchen (family restaurant, fast food, izakaya Japanese-style pub), prepared food production factory (volume retailers, convenience stores, specialty stores), brewing (soy sauce, miso, shochu liquors, sake), fats (oils, processing), frozen foods (gyoza dumplings, prepared rice, etc.), frozen bread, chilled products (gyoza dumplings, etc.), milk-based beverages, yogurt, coffee (powdered, regular, liquid), seafood paste products, seafood processing, pickled products, simmered dishes, egg custard, natto fermented soybeans, other (detergents, electric companies, etc.)

Because we can respond flexibly to a wide range of needs,
from planning to maintenance

We bring to bear sophisticated technologies and knowhow backed by a wealth of experience to enable our customers to turn their ideas into real advantages in the planning stage to design, production & construction, test operation, delivery of the completed facility, and maintenance.

Techno School

We administer training sessions for clients to help with maintenance operations.

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