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Message from the President

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The experience and track
record of results we have
cultivated in the areas of
food and life science enable
us to respond fully to the
wishes of our customers.

During the more than 40 years since our founding in 1973, AJINOMOTO ENGINEERING (AJEC) has addressed a wide range of production-related customer needs as a food and life science-related engineering company.

In addition to serving our domestic customers, we are also deploying overseas, with operations centering on Thailand and expanding elsewhere throughout the ASEAN region.

Moving forward, we want to go beyond just realizing the wishes of our customers to contribute to their business development through proposals from the perspective of the whole factory lifecycle, from plant construction to facilities maintenance and even reconstruction.

As an organization dedicated to engineering, we at AJEC work to accomplish these goals by honing our specialized expertise as professionals, and by offering high-level engineering services from the perspective of the customers.

Masato Yokoyama
Representative Director, President & Chief

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