Overview of Food Factory Construction

Procedure for Factory Constructions

We believe that the most important step in the construction of a factory is determining concept and basic plan.
Analyzing the current situation and problems at the basic planning stage and clarifying the goals will lead to the success of all projects.

Basic Planning

We clarify customer's problem and consider the concept of the factory and its future.

Issues and Needs

Solutions and Proposals

Basic Design

We prepare documents for every aspect of the factory to share concept and image with the customer.

  • Process machines and equipment
  • Structure, architecture, external structure, utilities
  • Production control
  • Environmental facilities, etc.
  • Solutions and proposals
  • Material balance
  • Construction budget
  • Legal requirements
  • Construction master schedule

Detailed Design

We prepare detailed documents for application of construction work to be submitted to the administration.

  • Formulating construction master schedule
  • Acting as regulatory application agent
  • Finalizing construction execution budget
  • Preparing construction drawings
  • Creating a factory start-up plan
  • Preparing specifications for machine procurement
  • Considering factory maintenances system
  • Finalizing manufacturing layout

Contracts and Orders

We place orders and sign contracts with suppliers after confirming and evaluating the contents of the quotes submitted by each supplier.

  • Planning orders
  • Comparing budgets
  • Summarizing specification for quotation
  • Confirming specifications
  • Inquiring quotation
  • Selecting suppliers to order
  • Evaluating quotations
  • Concluding contracts

Fabrication and construction

We properly manage the construction period, quality, and safety of the work throughout the construction.

  • Construction control
  • Safety control
  • Quality control
  • Site control
  • Budget control
  • Design supervision

Inspection and test operation

We receive inspection by public officials and also conduct test operations of the completed building.

  • Planning inspections and test operation
  • Compiling building documents
  • Carrying out inspections
  • Planning maintenance and after-sales service
  • Preparing inspection results
  • Accepting inspections and handing over work
  • Supporting test operations

Facility Hand-over

Production operation

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