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Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

1. In common

  1. Under the leadership of management, each and every employee complies with laws and regulations as well as social norms, aiming to co-create social value.
  2. By applying our management system and effecting continual improvements, we aim to elevate the quality of operations ever higher as we increase our corporate value.

2. Quality

  1. We listen sincerely to the wishes of our customers, and resolutely reflect the outline of those wishes in our work to ensure satisfaction.
  2. By improving our business project management skills, we aim to improve the quality of our work.
  3. By fully utilizing our accumulation of engineering technology, we aim to create ever-higher levels of value.

3. Environment

  1. We work to prevent pollution through improved engineering capabilities.
  2. By proactively recommending improvements to our customers, we aim to reduce environmental impacts.
  3. As we move forward with efforts in the new field of environmental business, including consideration of corporate partnerships, we will be able to contribute to solving societal problems.
    FS 55707/ISO9001:2015
    EMS 72698/ISO14001:2015

Scope of licensing

Manufacturing facilities, environmental facilities, distribution facilities, automation systems, information systems and related facilities engineering work

  • ANAB/BSI quality management system certification
  • ANAB/BSI environmental management system certification

Note: Our certification covers the home office and other offices excluding the Gunma Office and AFT Kawasaki Office.

Health and Safety Policy

AJEC intends to prevent workplace accidents throughout all of our business operations.
We strive to create professional environments conducive to work, and to promote employee health, thereby fulfilling our social responsibilities.

  1. "Health and Safety come before all else." This is an awareness that we disseminate thoroughly as we actively promote health and safety activities in our efforts to eradicate disasters and accidents.
  2. As a specified principal employer, one of our objectives is to achieve ever-greater levels of health and safety management in our partnerships with related contractors and customers.
  3. We spread knowledge of, and adhere to, health and safety-related laws and regulations, as well as company-internal labor health and safety regulations and rules.
  4. We appropriately run PDCA cycles based on labor health and safety management systems and promote risk assessment.
  5. To enable each and every one of our employees to engage in work safely and healthily, we strive to maintain and improve the work environment while raising health awareness.

We have been operating the Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management System (COHSMS) since introducing it on February 1, 2013.

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