Overview of Food Factory Construction

What Is Food Engineering?

When you want to build a food factory, there are many unique health and safety aspects that need to be taken into account.

AJINOMOTO ENGINEERING (AJEC) is an engineering company specializing in foods that originate from a manufacturer of food products. AJEC accurately grasps the "vision" and needs of the customers and put them into shape by managing the entire process from basic planning to maintenance after start of operation.


  • Seasoning and fat and oil factories

    Seasoning food
    Cooking oil
    Fermented food

  • Cooked food product factories

    Cooked food product factories
    Frozen food
    Sealed pouch meal
    Seafood paste products
    Confectionery and bread
    Health food

  • Central kitchens

    Central kitchen for restaurants
    Convenience stores
    Processing centers

  • Food product logistics facilities

    Delivery centers

  • Approach and plan that guide the customers

    Customer oriented design and construction that exceed expectation

    One-stop management from basic concept to test operation

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