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As a pioneer firm with 40-years of experience, we AJEC have provided wide solution for food production business, from manufacturing plant to logistics, from concept design work to construction management, from machine design to control system design, and so on. We have a long history of assisting AJINOMOTO Co., Inc., group companies of AJINOMOTO, and other food-processing companies with their food factories and plants. Especially, it is notable that the achievements in designing and constructing of central kitchens using the "know how" we had accumulated has contributed to the further growth of the chain restaurant industry in Japan.

We are not just a contractor, our policy is to pay close attention to the customers and to ensure the best performance of engineering service responding to changing needs from various views of manufacturing process, quality control, environmental protection and production/safety/cost management. In addition, we have also expanded our business into the fine chemical industry known as health and nutrition products and our service is highly valued by them.
From the outset, we have the customers in mind. Many factories and plants of AJINOMOTO Co., Inc. and it's group companies were designed by us with the viewpoint of the cutomers. Using the "know how" we have accumulated, we provide you with the most suitable service for your needs.
In the past 40 years, we have dealt with many food factories and plants making full use of our strengths and have handled diverse needs of customers, such as designing and constructing of food manufacturing facilities, for example, central kitchens for chain restaurants. The experience has improved our technology and capacity. We deliver the latest technology and always respond to the needs of customers.
Recently, the quality assurance system to ensure food safety has become of paramount importance. In the conventional manufacturing process, quality inspection is carried out by random sampling of the finished product. However, in the system of HACCP, the eutire process, from the arrival of raw materials, manufacturing process, until shipping, is being monitored at critical control points continuously, in order to guarantee all finished products are safe. We design zoning and production line efficiently and make the best proposal that meets the compliance of HACCP providing support in terms of total engineering service.

In domestic factories of AJINOMOTO Co. Inc., we have made a great contribution to help them with stable production, taking care of large scale projects, new and additional facilities, and maintenance operations consistently. However, the engineering services for food industry are not all we can provide. Our business has extended to other diverse fields such as medical, fine chemical and biotech industry. AJEC offers comprehensive technical services by integrating wide range of technologies, such as construction, electricity, ventilation, machines, information and control. Regardless of the area of business, we do a superb job in quality and technology as a professional team.

Our local corporation based in Thailand offers a comprehensive range of services including designing and construction of factories, procurement, production control system and so on. We offer our services to the local customers and to AJINOMOTO Co., Inc.'s factories in Thailand as well as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Phillippines. Also for fundamental construction planning or for facility maintenance, our consultants and professional engineers are dispatched.
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