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As an engineering service firm, we aim to become the best partner of our clients in the field of manufacturing of food and life science.
By utilizing the various resources of Ajinomoto group companies, we offer the best business proposals and technologies that meet the needs of our clients.
We aim to become human resources and organizations which have a sense of unity and challenging environment, through the self-development, education, communication and discussion regardless of position.
Improve quality of products and services, through practical and systematic use of our engineering resorce
Apply management system to comply with laws and regulations etc. and improve the quality continually.
Improve quality by implementation of project management technology.
Improve quality by evaluation and practical use of collected and accumulated technical information.
Prevent the contamination and improve the environment through enforcement of our engineering skill and system
Apply management system to comply laws and regulations and improve the environment continually.
Develop engineering technologies for sustainable environment and society, such as
resource saving, energy saving and environmental impact reduction.
Improve environment by evaluation and practical use of collected and accumulated environmental technological information.

FS 55707/ISO9001:2015
EMS 72698/ISO14001:2015

License Scope

Engineering Work for Production Facilities, Distribution Facilities, Environmental Plant, Automation System, Integrated Information System and Related Facilities and Equipment

* The head office and branches are certified, except Gunma Office, AFT Kawasaki Office, and International Business Management Dept.

As consumer needs for safe and reliable products are increasing, especially in food, AJEC is always striving to promote better quality control and support our customers' reliability.
AJEC obtained ISO 9001 certification in August 2000, and has implemented the quality manaement system activity for "safe and reliable quality".

To "reduce the load to the environment" relating to our design and construction, we introduce environmental management system. From the starting point of our "service", we consider how to save resources and energy, and minimize environmental impact.
On the other hands, our staff are promoting energy and resource saving such as paper recycling, introducing low energy computers and adoption of EcoMark-certified products.

AJEC obtained ISO 14001 certification in February 2003, and applied continuous environmental preservation and improvements.

We make the highest priority to prevent labor accidents during construction at site.
AJEC are introducing COHSMS to reinforce our safety management.
* COHSMS: Construction Occupational Health and Safety Management System
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